Welcome!  I’m so happy you decided to drop by. Life in the fast lane sure is… fast!  Pacing to finish is a concept I took on in 2008 when I decided to train for my first full marathon. Life, indeed is just a series of marathons and that pacing is important to getting to any finish!  PACE stands for … prepare, achieve, celebrate and evolve.  

I’m Katie Walthall Mehnert.  I’m a Gen X globetrotting self-improvement junkie. I, too, struggle with pace and managing the insane energy I’ve had since birth.  I occupy many shoes:  wife, mom, runner, and leader.  I spent 15 years of my life looking for the right guy and then one day I met him.  Mark and I were blessed in 2010 with Ally Rees, the love of our life.  She and our goofy Golden Doodle, Maddie keep us on our toes.  

I run (a lot).  I chase my kid, try to keep up with my dog, and stay fit by running 3-4 times a week.  I indulge by drinking coffee, wine and chilling at the spa.  I have fabulous friends and colleagues all over the globe.  I love to learn through my traveling, reading, and writing.  I believe in having and bringing big dreams to life. 

When I was 5, I wanted to be the first female president of the USA, and now I just like politics enough to tell that sweet story.  

What are your big dreams? Come on in.  Connect.  Take a breath. Pace, yourself.  

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